Meadow of Healing Guided Journey

The Meadow of Healing Guided Journey is useful for helping you to progress along your journey to Wellness. It is beneficial for healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. I have led myself and others through this guided journey with great results. The success of this guided journey and others lies in the ability to raise your personal vibration to a higher level. It is there where healing can occur. The great news is that even short periods of time spent in a relaxed state at a higher vibration can create miracles of healing. I’ve discovered this to be true, since I’ve personally experienced them.

In the future, I will have this guided journey and others recorded and available for you to download. For now, you can have someone read it to you or record it yourself and play it back whenever you like.

First, you will be led through a physical relaxation process designed to help you let go of stress and tension. Next, you will journey through the guardian forest into the Meadow of Healing. Once there you will visualize your wellness goal and receive a healing on all energetic levels.

Before beginning the guided journey, there are several preparatory steps you need to take.

1. You need to choose and become clear in your mind about the wellness goal that you intend to visualize and manifest on this journey. It can be anything. You can choose something small like with a sore knee, stress over an upcoming meeting or an upset stomach, for example. Or something large as in a serious illness. It doesn’t matter what you choose to work on, it’s all the same to Source energy.

2. Take the time to write down your chosen goal. Write it down as if you are healed already. For example, if it was for your sore knee, you might say: My knee is perfect. My knee feels great and I’m looking forward to a long walk or something like that. It’s already done and you know what it feels like completely healed. That’s key. You want to put yourself in a state of feeling what it’s like to have achieved your goal. That is the vibration of healing and attraction.

3. During the guided journey, you want to be comfortable. You can sit or lie down, it doesn’t matter, but it is best if you don’t fall asleep.

4. You may want to light candles, burn incense, and play soft soothing background music to enhance the state of relaxation during your guided journey. It’s all good.

Once you’ve written down your wellness goal and prepared a comfortable place for yourself, you’re ready to begin. Either have someone read the guided journey to you, or record it for yourself and play it back. It’s too distracting to read it to yourself while you’re on the journey. Choose someone with a voice that pleases you, if it’s not your own. Record the journey using a calm, soft tone of voice. You want to invoke serenity. Ok, are you ready?

This is the Meadow of Healing Guided Journey. You can heal anything you choose to heal. Your job is to listen to my voice and follow along as best as you can. Let’s begin. Focus on our breathing. Take a moment to notice how you’re breathing and what it sounds like. (Reader pauses for five seconds)

Now take a deep breath and let it out in a rush. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Good. Take another deep breath and hold it for a moment. Feel the air descending all the way down to a point just below your belly button. It is your power center, your source of creative energy. Let it out in another rush. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Good. You’re going to do that one more time, but this time, on the exhale imagine all your stress leaving your body with the outflow of air. Ready. Deep breathe in and hold. Feel it reach your power center. (Reader pauses for 1 second) Exhale hard and let go of your stress. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Good. Now, breathe normally, but deeply.

Continue to guide the air you breathe down to reach your power center. Exhale normally, but fully, letting go of anything that comes up that you no longer want inside of you. (Reader pauses for 1 second) Continue this deep breathing throughout the duration of your journey. Whenever you notice your breathing is off, take a moment to return to the deep abdominal breaths and then continue your journey. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds)

Now imagine a rainbow of light that shines down on you from the heavens. It enters your body through the crown chakra at the top of your head. From the moment it touches you, you feel yourself relax and let go even further. (Reader pauses for 1 second) Allow the rainbow light to flow into you and at the same time down and over your entire body. Notice the rainbow light as it moves from your head, down your face and neck, and into your shoulders. Allow the rainbow light to work its magic as you let go of any tension. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds) Notice the rainbow flowing down your arms, your chest and your back, as it continues to relax and release your muscles. Let go of any pain and anything that no longer serves you. Let it be absorbed into the cleansing rainbow of light. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds)

Good. Now imagine the rainbow moving down into your hips, releasing any tightness and restoring flexibility. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds.) And finally, notice the cleansing rainbow light as it flows down your legs, into your feet, and then out of your body. It flows out of you and is absorbed into the ground, back into Mother Earth. Your energetic waste is welcome food for Mother Earth, used to create healing Earth energy. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds)

Good, now you are ready to travel to the Meadow of Healing. Imagine that you are standing at the edge of a welcoming forest. You must travel through it to reach the Meadow of Healing. The trees of the forest are old and wise, benevolent guardians who will protect you on your way. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds) In front of you is a glowing trail that leads into the forest. Imagine that you step onto the trail and follow it into the woods. You feel a sense of peace and comfort from the moment you begin walking. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds)

The brightly lit trail is covered with soft pine needles that cushion your steps as you are led deep into the forest. You may notice the refreshing clean air and choose to take a deep breath. Notice the calm serenity that flows into you. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds) Good. Imagine that you look ahead along the trail. You may notice a growing patch of light, off in the distance. Continue walking towards it. The patch of light grows larger and closer with every step. You know instinctively that you are nearing the Meadow of Healing. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds)

Imagine that you have reached the edge of the forest and the great trees part before you to allow you to enter the Meadow of Healing. Now is a good time to stop and take in your beautiful surroundings. Imagine that spread out before you is a magnificent meadow filled with scented wildflowers of every color imaginable. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) As you stand peacefully at the edge of the Meadow of Healing you may notice many things. Imagine that the sun is shining and feels pleasantly warm on your face and body. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds) You may be aware of birds happily singing around you and the air is scented with the pleasing aroma of the many wildflowers. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds)

Imagine that you are drawn towards the center of the Meadow of Healing. The ground is soft and springy beneath your feet as you walk across the meadow. Allow yourself to continue to breathe deeply, and draw the sweet scented air down to your center of power. You feel more energized and vital with every new breath. (Reader pauses for 4 seconds) As you walk closer you may notice a large flat rock that looks warm and inviting. It is center of the meadow and the place of greatest healing. You may notice a blanket and pillows on the large rock that you can use to make yourself comfortable. Feel welcome to sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable for your healing. (Pause for 4 seconds)

Allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun on your face and body and allow yourself to absorb its pleasant healing warmth. Now, imagine that as you are sitting or lying down on this special healing rock in the middle of the Healing meadow that you can be the perfect, whole, and complete manifestation of yourself. Allow yourself to imagine yourself as having already achieved it. Allow yourself to see, feel, hear and experience what it’s like to have the wellness you desire. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Allow yourself to imagine yourself as perfectly healthy, whole, and complete. (Reader pauses for 5 seconds)

As you continue to visualize yourself as healed, you are surrounded by a soft green light. It is the energy of healing. Allow yourself to receive this healing energy, and see it being gently absorbed into your body. You may notice that the green vibration of healing flows to wherever you need it to go, creating the wellness you have asked for. Allow yourself to accept and receive this healing. (Reader pauses for 10 seconds) Excellent. It is done. You are perfect, whole, and complete. (Reader pauses for 2 seconds)

Allow yourself to take a moment and thank Source energy or All That Is for your healing. (Reader pause for 5 seconds) You may notice that the healing green light that surrounds you begins to fade. As it disperses, you may notice yourself as feeling peaceful and grounded yet at the same time powerful and capable of anything. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Take a deep breath and follow the air down into your center of power. Hold it for a moment. When you are ready let it out. (Reader pauses for 5 seconds) Good. Now you are ready to leave the Meadow of Healing.

You may notice your body is wonderfully limber as you flow easily to your feet. You are vibrant with life energy. You may choose to walk or run back across the meadow to the edge of the forest. Your journey is swift. In the blink of an eye, you are there. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) Allow yourself to pause for a moment, standing at the edge of the forest. You may choose to turn around and take another look around the Meadow of Healing. Know that you may return here whenever you choose, you are always welcome to come and receive a healing from All That Is. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds)

It is time for you to return. As you turn back towards the forest may notice that the glowing trail has appeared in front of you. Allow yourself to take a few steps onto the trail. You may notice that you cover a great distance with every step you take. The trees part easily before you and you begin to see the sky through the branches overhead. (Reader pauses for 3 seconds) In no time at all you have reached the edge of the forest, at exactly the same spot as where you started your journey.

You may notice that you are feeling great. You have completed your journey to the Meadow of Healing. Whenever you are ready, you may open your eyes and return to the here and now. You are perfect, whole and complete. And so it is.

Thi is the end of the Guided Journey Your job now is to be open to receiving your wellness. Be aware of information or guidance you may receive that helps you on your way. If something feels right within your heart, then it is. Act you’re your guidance and continue to see yourself as having achieved the wellness you desire. The more time you spend in a higher vibration, a vibration of healing, the quicker you will realize your goal. Repeat this journey as often as you like to keep the manifestation of your goal as a knowing within your being. The universe will respond, and you will remain in a state of awareness and allowing.